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Laker Saver

How Laker Saver Works

Laker Saver
The benefits of Laker Saver: So you hook that giant, long-lived fish and get it to the boat. The fish's stomach is inflated. Its swim bladder is full of air. You try to release it, but it floats belly up or struggles unsuccessfully to swim back down. Everybody should want to release this old fish to be caught again.

So what do you do when the fish won't swim back down, is exhausted or stressed from warm surface water, or it just floats belly-up?

Just insert the Laker Saver through the soft tissue on either side of the fish's lower jaw. The closer to the point of the jaw, the better.

Next, simply lower the Laker Saver down in the water,and the fish stays attached and swims right down with the assistance of the Laker Saver. Once the fish gets to the proper equilibrium depth, just stop the Lakersaver descent abruptly, and give it a short tug upwards. The Laker Saver slides smoothly from the fish's mouth, and the fish swims away in the cool, deep water where it was caught.

If you watch your sonar, you will see the separation. Everybody is healthy and happy! Fish live to fight another day.

Works On All Fish Including Saltwater

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  • The Answer To Bloated Fish
  • No More "Fizzing" Or "Venting"
  • Saves The Lives Of "Floaters"
  • Easy Release With Just A Tug
  • Return Big Fish To The Cool Water
  • Quickly Restores Equilibrium
  • Heavy Enough For BIG Lake Trout
  • Can Be Clipped To Downrigger
  • Instructional Video Available

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