Flaming Gorge Fishing Guide Jim Williams

Creative Fishing Adventures–In my 34th Year at Flaming Gorge


Guided Lake Trout Fishing On Flaming Gorge Reservoir
Utah – Wyoming  with Creative Fishing Adventures

The Day Of Giant
Lake Trout

The video on the left is one of the most amazing mornings we’ve ever had on Flaming Gorge


Light tackle jig fishing for lake trout to 50+ pounds!

20-pound lake trout are very common!

44 years of lake trout fishing on Flaming Gorge.

Custom-made rods and lures. Creative presentation techniques.

Where Is Flaming Gorge Reservoir?

We are located approximately 2 1/2 hours east of Salt Lake City,
4 hours south of Jackson Hole and 6 hours West of Denver


Jim, Thank you sooo much for yet another fabulous fishing trip. We all had a fantastic time!!!!!!! Your ability to get us on fish and catch them time and time again is appreciated and admired more than words can explain.

Mike Seely

Jim: Just wanted to say thank you for going above and beyond on this fishing trip. I much appreciate you going out in such brutal conditions. I enjoyed the hell out of it and look forward to our next trip. Thanks again

Pat Spayd

Thanks again Jim for yesterday. I knew it all along but this proves why your knowledge and time on the water finding these hot spots/knowing where to work is priceless! You da man Jim 😉

Ryan Rice

I really can barely believe it happened the way it did. Amazing doesn’t come close to how it felt! You are awesome and dedicated and we appreciated every minute you taught us. We will definitely be back!!

Mike Coffman



"Jim, Riley and I have reminisced the trip many times and can't wait until next summer, he is saving for a day, so we may get to come twice. Whoo-hoo!"  David Smith

40-inch 32 Pounder

40-inch 32 Pounder

Thanks again for the great fishing trip!  Like we talked yesterday, I'd like to be added to your stand-by list in case you get a cancellation, and we can do it again.  Here are a couple of pics from yesterday's 40-inch 32 pounder.  Lanty Ross