Our Flaming Gorge lake trout videos let you see what to expect when jig fishing for lake trout on Flaming Gorge with guide Jim Williams and Creative Fishing Adventures. The clear waters are perfect for seeing your giant catch come up through the water and into the net, as well as swimming back down to the depths as they’re released. If you like underwater photos or video, the trip provides a perfect combination of clear water and large fish, and you won’t have to zoom in on the fish to fill the screen. Many anglers say the best part of the whole fishing trip is watching the giant lakers, or “mackinaw,” swim back home to the depths. You have to see it in person to appreciate it. Have the fisherman’s version of a big mack attack! Call or email Jim today for a guided fishing trip.
Flaming Gorge is a unique reservoir with great food sources to grow large lake trout. We use light tackle and custom rods for a hands-on experience that puts you one-on-one with large lakers. This could be you in these videos. Knowledge from over 35 years of experience is put together to give you the best shot at hooking and landing these large, long-lived lake trout. We release each of them so we can continue to catch and release them year after year. With growth rates averaging one pound a year, many of the larger fish are 20-50 years old! These are among the highest growth rates anywhere in the world for lake trout. Call or email Jim today for a guided trip to star in your own Flaming Gorge lake trout video.